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Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC pack review


Dead Island is considered to be the first graphical perspective horror action-adventure video game and it was developed by Techland and it was published in Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and play station 3 by Deep Silver.
The game is centered in challenging the open world island on a zombie-infested having its major emphasis on melee combat. The game was originally announced on E3 2006 but later it was pushed back to 2011. In North America it was released on September 06, 2011 and in PAL regions it was released on September 09, 2011. But Germany was excluded from those regions. The feature of Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC pack is an open world roaming and it is played from the outlook of first person. Melee combat is being focused and the other customizable weaponry is being incorporated along with vehicle combat and customization and RPG elements.

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